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hello, we are Case Industry

We make elegant cases and 100% made in France. We also try to make jokes (53.99% success rate).

It all began in 2014 at a meeting in Paris. 2 boys hair in the wind, each with their business, distributing accessories and protection for smartphone ridge Asia. They discuss and think about how to design from A to Z phone case in France. They develop their first case six months later.

Our promise by purchasing one of our products.

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We make high end cases in France and 100% dedicated to one type of product. To design our cases, we integrate the best elements fabric made in italy, made in germany magnet, reinforcing plate made in France, and assembly in our own studio in Paris. And we are incredibly proud.
Cases of innovative
and quality
... From environmental
It is a little speech of Miss France but we want to leave things in better condition than that in which we found them. We work in seeking to minimize our impact on the environment, or even make it positive when possible. Realizing our cases in France and neighboring countries to import fabrics allows us to significantly reduce our carbon impact on the planet.
We classy cases and great qualities to help all smartphones in the world to live better, and mpourrir old.
With a customizable Case Industry you will the hands An authentic design and customization that will make your product a unique item
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